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How You Can Get Reliable Service and Maximum Life Out of Your Photocopier

Photocopiers allow businesses and offices to make several copies of documents in a fast and efficient manner. To keep functioning properly, photocopier maintenance service is crucial. However, a significant number of photocopier users often fail to give their machines the necessary maintenance attention and, as a result, end up with broken down equipment. This can disrupt normal operations at the workplace. If you have recently purchased a new photocopier to meet your commercial requirements, here is a look at some things you can do to ensure your equipment works well for its entire lifespan. 

Operate your photocopier the correct way

If you want to keep your photocopying machine operating at peak level for longer, following the manufacturer's guidelines on how the machines should be used is the first and most important step. Do not start using the machine without first reading and understanding the user's or operating manual provided to you by the machine manufacturer. A know-it-all attitude can do your machine more harm than good. Therefore, make sure you're well aware of how to properly operate every part of the machine from the word 'go'.

Keep your photocopier and the operating room clean

One of the most important things you need to do so as to keep your photocopier working at peak efficiency and prolong its service life is to make sure the machine stays clean. Over time, dust and other airborne dirt particles can settle on your photocopying machine, causing key components, such as the glass, paper trays, paper rollers and ink cartridge holders, to stop working properly. Generally speaking, you will need to use a soft, dry cloth when cleaning the interior components of the photocopier, so as to prevent moisture buildup inside the machine. You might need to dampen the cleaning cloth a little bit in order to remove dirt from certain parts, such as the paper rollers and ink cartridge heads. 

To help minimise dust and dust levels at the work station, you can adopt a host of other different strategies, including:

  • restricting access to those who are directly involved in the operation and maintenance of the photocopying machines
  • not overcrowding rooms where the machines are being used to facilitate easy cleaning
  • ensuring indoor lighting is good so that any dirt can be spotted immediately it begins to accumulate 

Always disconnect the power before you begin cleaning your machine. This way, both you and your machine will be protected from potential electrical accidents.