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Do You Need an Electrician to Update or Repair Your Commercial Alarm?

A commercial alarm system should be updated periodically to ensure it offers your business all the protection and security you need, and to ensure it's always easy for everyone on staff to use. An outdated or malfunctioning system can be clumsy to operate, and its wiring and other mechanisms may be worn out and not functioning as they should. Note when you might need to call a commercial electrician to update or repair your commercial alarm, so you ensure your property and your staff are always protected.

It beeps or otherwise signals erratically

If you ever notice a smoke detector beeping erratically, this often means the batteries are wearing down and not providing it with sufficient power. In the same way, older wires behind a commercial alarm system can become bare and frayed over the years, so that the system beeps, chirps, or otherwise signals at odd times. Bare and worn wiring might also sound the alarm unnecessarily and even if there is not a break-in, as power slows and then surges over those frayed wires, causing the alarm to alert. Don't ignore these sounds or other erratic behaviour from your alarm system, but have a commercial electrician check the wiring behind the walls for needed replacement and updating.

It's connected to a landline

If your business security system is connected through a phone landline, consider how easy it is to cut this line, disabling the alarm and allowing someone to easily break in to your location. A wireless system that sends signals over the internet cannot be cut or disrupted this way, and may be more reliable during storms, power outages, when you change phone service providers, and other such interruptions of service. Have an electrician change out the wiring of the alarm system, without changing the system itself, so that it operates with internet signals and not through a phone landline.

You've upgraded the panel or other accessories

If you've upgraded the panel to your alarm, or added accessories such as a radon detector or heat-sensitive fire alarm, you need to have an electrician upgrade the wiring as well. These upgraded or added features can need more electricity than older wires are able to deliver easily; in turn, those wires may provide intermittent power or quickly short out. This can damage your new security accessories or cause them to malfunction, so ensure the wiring is updated every time the panels and accessories are updated.

Reach out to a commercial electrician for more information.