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Four Practical Guidelines for Upgrading Your Access Control System

Advances in technology have allowed for the creation of more secure access control systems. However, the performance of the setup in your commercial space will depend on the choices made during set up. If you do not integrate reliable elements when establishing your system, your building will be susceptible to malicious breaches. Fortunately, if your current access control setup is not reliable, you can plan for an upgrade. Here are some critical guidelines to remember for optimal success.  

Assess the Risks

When planning to upgrade your access control system, you must assess the potential risks in your building. An objective understanding of the status of your commercial space will help you develop a better setup. The simplest approach to identifying the risks is checking past breaches. If there were security problems caused by inefficient access control, you should note them down. Also, consider the current measures used to control traffic within your business space. If people can get to the sensitive zones easily, you must improve the access control solutions.

Review Your Policies

Most business owners and managers focus on the purchase and installation of hardware solutions for access control during an upgrade. Unfortunately, the commercial policies are overlooked. If you do not have a good framework for managing access, you will not achieve good results even with the best security system. For example, you should address the issue of revoking an employee's access credentials. If a worker is no longer a part of the staff, their card, key or PIN must be deactivated. Also, audit the level of access provided to different types and levels of in-house staff.

Choose Devices

The right access control devices are crucial for enforcing policies and addressing the security risks in a commercial building. Therefore, you should plan for the upgrade of the hardware. The most critical issue is choosing the right type of access control solution. Ensure that the chosen one is suitable for your company structure. In general, advanced solutions such as biometric fingerprint readers are favourable because breaching the setup is difficult. Unfortunately, the cost of purchase is high. Look into keypads and card readers for security and good value.

Consider Encryption

The proper management of data used in access control systems is crucial. If the databases and related software are breached, the commercial building will be completely vulnerable. Therefore, you should plan on encrypting critical security information. Inquire about the security measures used in the software solutions incorporated in different access control systems and equipment before purchase and installation. 

Reach out to a professional to discuss different integrity access control systems